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Race Format

RRQMA Race Format

Approved  2017

Sign-ins will begin at 8:00AM and close at 9:00AM.  Late sign-in will automatically be slotted to the rear of their first race regardless of time in position or draw number. Safety will start at 7:45AM. Controlled practice, weather permitting, runs from 8:30-9:30 in three minute sessions, practice will be region format order. Cars must be signed in prior to practicing.

The RRQMA Board will have the authority to cancel or alter the schedule. 

Pit meeting is at 9:30 AM

Racing begins at 9:45AM

Work Rule:

There will be absolutely no working on cars that are on the racing surface.  RRQMA has a two minute work rule.  The time begins when the car passes the yellow tire/line at the pit area entrance.  The tower will keep time.  The flagger will announce to the pits 1 minute count downs. 

*If car count exceeds 35 cars the 2 minute work rule is abolished & we will follow Region 9 format. Once tower posts lineup & the cars are lined up correctly the green flag will be thrown.

Track Records:

Track records will be open at two of the ten races at RRQMA, missed track record dates will not be made up.  On qualifying days, no warm up laps will be allowed, with eight laps on the clock. Track records will be open to any QMA member.  Track records will be timed utilizing the RRQMA electronic timing system. In the event that the timer fails to work the car on track will be black flagged, returned to the pit area for the duration of two timed sessions and will return to the track for a full warm up and timed qualifying run.  RRQMA board has the authority to cancel or reschedule a qualifying date due to weather conditions.

General Rules:

With the exception of the rules established within this document as agreed upon by the club, RRQMA racing rules will follow those rules as established in the national rule book. In addition, national guidelines established for scoring procedures, flagging and judging will be utilized. 

QMA badges will be worn in the hot chute area.  You may be asked to leave if you do not have the badge with you. Non members in the hot chute create a liability and may jeopardize the existence of the club.  Your help in following the rules and making sure others follow the rule is appreciated.


Judges are required to be on the judging stand prior to cars being pushed off for a race event including the warm up period.  If you are unable to judge a race you must find a replacement.  There must be a minimum of one (1) judge on the stand for the warm up period to begin; all judges must be present prior to the start of the race.  If the judges are not present a red flag will be called for by the Tower Head or Race Director and the race will not begin until all judges are present. 

Judges shall not be handlers, owners or parents of drivers entered in the same class or division at that race meet, if possible.

Corner Workers:

All corner workers will be in their respective corners, coinciding with the numbers on the race cars prior to the start of the race.  For Novice races two corner workers are required in each corner, for all other classes, one per corner.  If corner workers are not present it is the discretion of the Tower Head or Race Director to red flag the race until corner workers are present. 

Warm Ups:  

There will be NO warm ups , we will race hot out of the chute.

Race Time Limits:

All races will have a maximum time limit of 20 minutes per heat race and 30 minutes per main. This time begins when the flagger calls for the initial “line up”. 

 Race on Track Called for Time:

When time is up per the tower, the race will finish on the next incident flag or at the checkered flag.  If an incident occurs that brings out the yellow or red flag, the field will be lined up in re-start order and that will be the finish of the race signified by the waving of the yellow and checkered flags together.

Move up Points:

Novices moving up will start with 1 point less than the last place driver in the new class with the equal number of races in the point series.  Novice drivers must move up by the start of the 4th club race to participate in the point series.  Drivers moving from Jr to Sr and from Lt to Hvy, will move up one point below the last place driver, in the new class, with the equal number of races in the point series.

Rain Out of Event:

If a race is called for rain or other cause, then it will be rescheduled at the earliest available date if possible. It is the discretion of the Race Director to call the race for cause.  There will be no points awarded for races called for cause prior to the start of the race day.  Scoring procedures will dictate point awards for any races already run during that day. 

In the event that a race is called prior to the race event beginning, no refunds will be given.  Drivers signed in will receive credit as an “attempt to race” toward year end award eligibility.

Race on Track Called for Rain:

Races on the racing surface called for rain will move the cars to the hot chute area, cars will remain there until race is resumed or called.  No working on cars in the hot chute during rain delay.  

Race Day Laps & procedures:

Flag ceremony will open every race day

Qualifying Dates: 1 heat and 1 main per class unless there is over 35 cars then 1 heat race will be dropped.  All RRQMA racers will receive max points for the “lost” heat race for points purposes.

Qualifying finish order will dictate heat race 1 order, 1st place car starts as #1 car etc. Top four qualifiers will be inverted for the main event.  The rest of the field will line up in the order they qualified.

Race Dates:  2 heats and 1 main per class unless there is over 35 cars then 1 heat race will be dropped.  All RRQMA racers will receive max points for the “lost” heat race for points purposes. 

Heat race 1:  Order will be determined by pill draw number.

Heat race 2:  Order will be determined by the finish order of heat race 1 with a full field invert (1st place car starts last etc).

Main event:  Line up order will be dictated by the finish of heat race 2 completion order with top 4 cars inverted at the front of the pack and the rest of the field in the order they finished.

In the event that the RRQMA board decides to run 1 heat and a main on a race day, pill draw will dictate line up for the heat race and the top 4 cars will be inverted for the main event. Maximum points will be awarded for lost heat race.

Laps:               Novice/Juniors            Heat    15        Main    25

                        Seniors                        Heat    20        Main    35

 Class Combining:

Light & Heavy classes may be combined, allowing heavy drivers to start at the front of the field.  All points and awards will be kept separately.  Class combining will only be done if either, or classes have 3 or fewer cars and with consent of all handlers involved.

Throw Out Race:

No throw out races for the 2018 season

Year End Awards:

Eligibility for year end awards will be defined as attempting to race a minimum of 6 scheduled races in the point series or 60% of the races available to you in the point series for late starting novices, as long as move up as happened by 4th race of the race season.  

Code of Conduct

National Code of Conduct rules will be strictly followed at all RRQMA events. QMA code of conduct and all club rules will be adhered to at all races and all QMA functions. It shall be up to each and every member to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. 

Any race related disagreements are not to be directed toward the flagger, judges, or tower workers. If you have a concern, please discuss it with the race director. Protests or disputes will be settled by the Race Director, and his/her decision is final.

Entry Fees for RRQMA Club Events

$10 per novice 

$25 per car for race 1 & 2 & The Duel in the Desert 

$35 for the first car, $10 for the second car, based upon per family for races 3-10.

$10 maintenance fee for first race at RRQMA per family


Fuel can be tested periodically at the discretion of the tech director on any race day. Fuel must be purchased at the fueling station determined by the tech director for all club races. The selected station and fuel grade shall be posted on the club website and at the track.  Fuel will be purchased at the Gear Jammer 2310 Rudkin Road Union Gap WA 98903 Midgrade fuel only 

Spec Tire

RRQMA spec tire will be the same as specified by the Region 9 race format.

Technical Procedures

The top 4 finishers in each A Main of all events will automatically be impounded to a specified holding area for Technical proceedings. Fuel will be checked on all cars in impound before they are released. The Technical Director, and one RRQMA club board member will coordinate in the tower on how tech will be handled at each race. The Technical Director will draw a minimum of two divisions that will be inspected for that event in the presence of at least 1 club board member.

The extent and level of tear downs will be at the discretion of the Tech Director. If there is a problem with an engine, the specific problem (s) will be submitted to the Regional Tech Director (or his designee) for 1) review by not less than a total of three tech personnel (if not already done) and 2) a final determination.  Only the claimed and the claimer will be allowed in the tech area during teardowns.  Decisions of the Technical Committee will be rendered at the race event and shall be final.

In addition, cars will be checked for weight and conformance per QMA rules such as nerf bars, tread width, etc., when leaving the track after heats and Main Events.  Do not leave scale area until you are released or you will be DQ’d.

Engine DQ at tech- If you are handling another driver because a handler can’t attend the race, the handler handling the driver, and the driver each receive thirty days suspension.


Sealing will be done per QMA procedures/rules on qualifying days immediately after each car qualifies. Those who leave the sealing area prior to getting their car sealed will receive a ‘no time’.


A-Main Events             1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place

B-Main Events               1st, 2nd

C-Main/Lower                1st

Points System

Qualifying: 1 point spread per position


                                    1st – 20                                   

                                    2nd – 19                                   

       3rd – 18


Heats:  1 point spread per position                 

                                    1st – 20                                               

                                    2nd – 19                                               

       3rd – 18   etc.                          

Heat race line-ups to be determined by pill draw at sign-in.


Main Event:  2 point spread per position

            A-Main:           1st – 150, 2nd -148, 3rd -146, 4th -144, 5th -142, 6th -140, 7th -138 etc.


B-Main            5th – 130, 6th -128, 7th -126, 8th -124, 9th -122, 10th -120

                                                (Novice & Jr Classes Start at 134)


C-Main:           5th - 118, 6th -116, 7th -114, 8th -112, 9th -110, 10th -108

                                                (Novice & Jr Classes Start at 126)


D-Main            5th – 106, 6th -104, 7th -102, 8th -100, 9th -98, 10th -96

                                                (Novice & Jr Classes Start at 118)

            E-Main:           5th – 94, 6th -92, 7th -90, 8th -88, 9th -86, 10th -84

                                                (Novice & Jr Classes Start at 110)

            F-Main:           5th – 82, 6th -80, 7th -78, 8th -76, 9th -74, 10th -72

                                                (Novice & Jr Classes Start at 102)

            G-Main:           5th – 70, 6th -68, 7th -66, 8th -64, 9th -62, 10th -60 etc.

                                                (Novice & Jr Classes Start at 94)


Each driver will receive 20 sign in points for each race regardless if the race actually starts. 

            If two or more cars are disabled together and are unable to continue, the points will be added together and divided between them equally.

Flagrant black flags will receive no points for that race.  Technical DQ’s at tear down will receive no points for the entire event but will still receive credit for year end awards. All other DQ’s will result in last place points for that race.  If more than one driver is disqualified in a race, then both drivers will receive last place points.  For example, if two drivers are DQ’d in a race with ten cars, then both drivers would split points for 9th and 10th place. 

If a race is rained out during the heats, only those divisions who have completed all their heats will receive points for the heats.  If rained out during the Mains, only the divisions who have completed the A Mains will receive points for mains.

In the event of a tie for places at the end of the series, two equal places will be awarded. (Ex. tie for 1st there will be 2 - 1st place awards given, and the next best finisher would receive third place).  Rollover awards will be given only if the rollover occurred under green flag racing conditions.  (Heat or Main warm-ups do not count).

Drivers who score DNS (Did Not Start) or  DNF (Did Not Finish, as the result of a crash, third chargeable DOT, or any other instance identified as a DNF under QMA rules ) in a race will receive points according to when they drop out in relation to other drivers.  DNS must attempt to warm up and/or race. 

DNA (Did Not Attempt) means that the car was not present for either the warm up or the race and/or did not attempt to start the car for either the warm up or the race. A DNA will not receive any points for the race they “Did Not Attempt.”


Novice Class is NOT racing for points or championships.  Their attendance is logged for year-end participation awards.

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